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GARANT Raspberry Extreme

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The GARANT nicotine pouches contain food-grade fillers, sweeteners, and flavourings. The main ingredient in nicotine pouches in terms of volume is plant fiber. Plant fibers are used to fill the pouch and give it the desired shape, fit, and properties. GARANT brand use best quality and medical grade certified eucalyptus and pine fiber.

Pieces in can: 27
Nicotine content: 35mg / 1g

Renowned for excellence in nicotine pouches, GARANT epitomizes quality and satisfaction. The Raspberry Extreme upholds this standard, offering an intense explosion of flavor paired with an extra strong nicotine punch, ideal for experienced users.

Every slim pouch bursts with a lively raspberry flavor, tantalizing your taste buds with its sweet yet tangy sensation, suitable for any time of day. The SLIM FORMAT design guarantees a discreet and comfortable placement under your lip, facilitating effortless enjoyment of the Raspberry Extreme no matter your location.

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