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GARANT Citrus Extreme

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The GARANT nicotine pouches contain food-grade fillers, sweeteners, and flavourings. The main ingredient in nicotine pouches in terms of volume is plant fiber. Plant fibers are used to fill the pouch and give it the desired shape, fit, and properties. GARANT brand use best quality and medical grade certified eucalyptus and pine fiber.

Pieces in can: 27
Nicotine content: 35mg / 1g

Tailored for those in pursuit of an intense and sensory-enlivening journey, GARANT Citrus Extreme presents a daring citrus flavor that ignites the palate. Every slim-profiled pouch is meticulously fashioned to deliver a discreet yet potent sensation, rendering it an ideal companion for both momentous occasions and daily indulgence.

Product Specifications Encased in a sleek and portable canister, GARANT Citrus Extreme houses 27 slender pouches, snugly nestled beneath your lip. Weighing 0.50 grams per pouch and boasting a total can content of 13.5 grams, these pouches epitomize convenience and user-friendliness. The extra-strong potency ensures each pouch administers a formidable hit of nicotine, boasting an impressive 25 mg per pouch and 50 mg per gram.

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