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GARANT Cherry Extreme

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The GARANT nicotine pouches contain food-grade fillers, sweeteners, and flavourings. The main ingredient in nicotine pouches in terms of volume is plant fiber. Plant fibers are used to fill the pouch and give it the desired shape, fit, and properties. GARANT brand use best quality and medical grade certified eucalyptus and pine fiber.

Pieces in can: 27
Nicotine content: 35mg / 1g

Each sleek can of GARANT Cherry Extreme holds 27 meticulously portioned pouches. Weighing 0.50 grams per pouch, they’re crafted for discreet placement under your lip, ensuring a comfortable and enduring release of nicotine. The slim design guarantees that you can discreetly enjoy your nicotine wherever you are, effortlessly.

For those seeking a robust nicotine experience, each pouch delivers a substantial 25 mg of nicotine, totaling an impressive 50 mg per gram. This extra-strong potency isn’t for the faint-hearted; it’s tailored to deliver a powerful and gratifying nicotine punch. The bold cherry flavor complements the high nicotine content, offering a tantalizing taste that lingers and delights the senses.

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